OPENbike - A New Bike Share System for Copenhagen


First price in the international Design Competition awarded to the team of LOTS Design, Koucky & Partners (Gothenburg) and Green Idea Factory (Berlin).

The team’s entry, called OPENbike was one of 127 entries from 5 continents.


The City of Copenhagen, one of the world leading cycling cities, aims at establishing a new bike share system 2013 and has therefore initiated an open international design competition.


The winning entry, called OPENbike, puts the user in the centre and proposes a system that is easy to use, flexible and fully scalable. The design goal has been to create a system that seamlessly integrates with public transport and becomes a natural part of Copenhagen’s existing bicycle culture. The system proposes a smart card system and positioning solutions integrated in each bicycle to create a fully floating bike share system. OPENbike does therefore not need special stands and bicycles can easily be repositioned and adapted to the cities changing needs.


From the Jury Report: “OPENbike are brought perfectly into play in an exciting, forward-thinking project that elegantly contributes to the branding of Copenhagen and, with its dynamic approach to systems, reminds us that cities, as well as the mobile behaviour of people, change over time.”


See for information on the Design Competition and on the winning entries.


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For more information, feel free to contact LOTS, Koucky & Partners or Green Idea Factory. See below for details.


LOTS is a design agency, specialised in translating brand values and business strategies into priorities and design expressions. LOTS is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Contact: Irene Stewart Claesson,


Koucky & Partners AB is an environmental consultancy specialised in sustainable mobility and urban transport strategies. Koucky & Partners AB is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Contact: Michael Koucky,


Green Idea Factory is a sustainablility consultancy, mainly focusing on urban- and transportation issues. Green Idea Factory is based in Berlin, Germany.


Contact: Todd Edelman,